Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Lord Provides!!

Well, I have to post this and tell of the provision of the Lord. Yesterday we had a giving time with the whole school., students, staff and even the guest speaker. As a whole school we owe around $23,000, which from past school that is a small amount, (In the past it has been as much as $50,000) and after the giving time the school itself raised, and gave over $7,000. Of that I received $1,015! That was such a big blessing. So as of right now I only owe $1,135. I would like to use this as a chance to show the provision of the Lord. He is Faithful no matter what. I have been in this situation before, as have almost all of my friends, and we have seen the lord provide over and over for money, and many other things. Thank you for your prayers, I ask that you would continue as I still owe money. I have FULL confidence that the Lord will provide the rest of the amount. Thank you for standing with me, as I would not be able to do this with out your support. God Bless friends and family!

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