Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Lord continues to provide!

Well friends I have good news!! What once was a debt of over $2500, is now down to $475. That is all that is owed to leave for outreach free of debt. I would like you guys to continue to pray for us as a team, as a whole team we still need to see around $4000. Thank you guys for all of your prayers, I an sure that it was your prayers that had a big help to see this money come in.
Enough of money, I am a little tired of talking about money! On to the business of outreach. We have been meeting with the organizers of the 5DE camp that we will be going on, which is only next week! We have been ironing out the wrinkles of Youthstreet, and getting the mini-DTS all figured out! Things are coming together well. At the same time it has been a battle. We have had and are continuing to fight to see thing happen that need to happen, such as finances, a place to stay in Mackay, just not burning out as a team. Basically, I am VERY excited to see what is going to happen during these next 2 months. The next time I write an update will be from the field from down south in Mackay!! God Bless friends

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