Friday, December 21, 2007

God is proving himself faithful yet again

I must say it doesn't matter how many times you see God provide for your needs it never really gets old. About 2 weeks after I got back from outreach, I found out that I owed the base almost a thousand dollars. Now that amount is just a bit over $400!!! In 2 weeks I believe. I have also seen the provision of the Lord in many other ways, the bottom line is just like it says in Matthew 6:25-34, to just trust in His character. He knows what we need and He will provide it! The more we as His children come to the realization and begin to walk in that trust, the more we can walk in freedom. Imagine not being bound to the worry of where the next mortgage payment will come from, or where the money for food will come from, or for medicine, or clothes, or anything? That freedom isn't found in a really good job. Jobs come and go, good ones and bad ones. But that assurance comes from the word of God, that will never pass away. So trust with me friends and family as I desire to see this amount of $409, come to $0 before Christmas gets here! So if you would like to help put in anyway, either prayer or helping me financially, just shoot me an e-mail and ask. I love you guys and thank you for taking time to read this update. God bless yo all this Christmas season and see you before the new year!!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Seeing a bit more int the future

I write to you from our auditorium watching the movie Home Alone 2 just after we had our roving Christmas party. It was really amazing, each office decorated their office in different fashions, and we even had a competition for the most thrifty, most festive, most team oriented, and a few others. It is just what I needed to get into the Christmas spirit.
So to give you further information as to what I may be doing in the next 3 months. I talked about possibly doing the School of Music and Missions, but as I have been praying about it and talking to some of the leaders on base, I decided that it wouldn't really fit with the things that I want to pursue in Australia. So what are those things I DO want to pursue here in Australia???
I will be tracking with two different ministries. I will continue to staff DTS's and will continue to work with Youthstreet, the same Youthstreet that we pioneered in Mackay, Palm Island, and Mount Isa. I have discovered that since staffing DTS's, working with people who have given 6 months to devote to the Lord. I have found God can do so much when someone fully devotes some time to growing, and being challenged in the Lord. I love to see people get new revelation on the character of God. Also since pioneering Youthstreet in Mackay, I have gained a whole new perspective on the great opportunities to share the gospel and speak the truth of God into lives that need to hear what God really thinks about them.
All in all, since I have been able to reflect on the school, it was an amazing success. I am very excited for Youthstreet, I see many awesome things happening, I can't wait to see what is in the future for this program.
Than you all for reading my update, I hope you might find a bit of inspiration in these updates. God Bless!!!!