Saturday, September 29, 2007

1st week down!

Well my friends who are reading this, as I write this I am in an internet cafe/ice cream parlor. I love this place! Well We are finishing up our first week of outreach, we have been in Mackay, south of Townsville. We started on a bit of a rocky note as before we even left Townsville somethings fell out of our trailer and smashed into the windscreen of another ute, (pick-up for the north American's), and we sat on the side of the road and worked out insurance and all that lovely stuff, then we finally got on the road 3 hours later! But this week has been good, meeting with the people we will be working with for Youthstreet, and seeing the favor there all ready is for this program. We have bus drivers (of which I am now a part of, The manager of the PCYC pulled a few strings and got me a test at a police station!), wind surfers, hip-hop dancers, and people who are helping us with equipment, it is just amazing! God is really moving this things forward, I can see it every day! Other than that, things are going well. @ of the team spent most of the day on Friday hanging out with some of the guys from the PCYC, (It is like the YMCA), they went to a swimming hole, and to some skate parks, they had just an awesome time! I got my bus license at the same time!! I would love to keep going about what has happened, but I am running out of time for the internet cafe, and we have to hurry up and get to Brisbane. God Bless you all!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Lord continues to provide!

Well friends I have good news!! What once was a debt of over $2500, is now down to $475. That is all that is owed to leave for outreach free of debt. I would like you guys to continue to pray for us as a team, as a whole team we still need to see around $4000. Thank you guys for all of your prayers, I an sure that it was your prayers that had a big help to see this money come in.
Enough of money, I am a little tired of talking about money! On to the business of outreach. We have been meeting with the organizers of the 5DE camp that we will be going on, which is only next week! We have been ironing out the wrinkles of Youthstreet, and getting the mini-DTS all figured out! Things are coming together well. At the same time it has been a battle. We have had and are continuing to fight to see thing happen that need to happen, such as finances, a place to stay in Mackay, just not burning out as a team. Basically, I am VERY excited to see what is going to happen during these next 2 months. The next time I write an update will be from the field from down south in Mackay!! God Bless friends

Friday, September 14, 2007

Good Financial News!

There is great news friends and family! What once was a debt of over $2000, is now only $1159, proving His faithfulness once again. So as far as my little project, 20/100, (20 people giving $100 each to raise the $2000) I haven't received any donations yet, so if you are reading this and feel prompted to give you can donate online with a credit card by clicking here, just fill in your personal details, and under payment one, select staff donation/support. So guys I love you all and I look forward to letting you know what is going on, not from my office in Townsville, but from the internet cafe's in Mackay and Gladstone!So God Bless and see ya soon!

Monday, September 10, 2007

This amazing outreach schedule!

So I figured that I would let you know where it is I will be going. This is a map of north east Queensland. Brisbane is north of Sydney which is north of Melbourne. We will start off in Mackay, then head down to The Gold Coast, where we will also spend time in Brisbane, Surfer's Paradise, and the Gold Coast of course. We will be going to Dreamworld, Wet 'n' Wild, Queen's Street Mall, and taking surfing lessons. This is going to be a full on 5 days. Lots of work and lots of fun! After this amazing time we will head back up to Mackay to begin Youthstreet the day we arrive back! Another full on day to finish that week off. Then it will be 4 weeks in beautiful Mackay to get Youthstreet going as well as facilitate a Mini-DTS, and do some Auslifes.
Auslife is an all day youth program the runs in the local High Schools to present Christian way to deal with current issues facing young people. Issues such as, Relationships, Goals and Values, and Self-Esteem. This also give us a platform to present aspect of the Gospel, which is perfectly okay to do in Australia schools. Praise the Lord!!
After 4 week in Mackay we head back down south to Gladstone for a full week of Auslifes. After that we have a relatively open schedule which I am sure we will fill once we get down there.
It will be at this point in time when we head back north to come home, to beautiful sunny Townsville for our graduation.
This is going to be a 2 month to remember. My plan to to get many pictures, video's and stories to share with you my friends and family.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Lord Provides!!

Well, I have to post this and tell of the provision of the Lord. Yesterday we had a giving time with the whole school., students, staff and even the guest speaker. As a whole school we owe around $23,000, which from past school that is a small amount, (In the past it has been as much as $50,000) and after the giving time the school itself raised, and gave over $7,000. Of that I received $1,015! That was such a big blessing. So as of right now I only owe $1,135. I would like to use this as a chance to show the provision of the Lord. He is Faithful no matter what. I have been in this situation before, as have almost all of my friends, and we have seen the lord provide over and over for money, and many other things. Thank you for your prayers, I ask that you would continue as I still owe money. I have FULL confidence that the Lord will provide the rest of the amount. Thank you for standing with me, as I would not be able to do this with out your support. God Bless friends and family!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Can You Help Me?

Well I must say this blog is really quite nice, I can let you guys know what is going on, with out sending out a million e-mail's! This is great!! Well I would like to let you guys know of a need I have right now. As you know I am heading off to Mackay on outreach, but in order to go on outreach, I need outreach finances. I currently need around $2000 Australian dollars. If you feel prompted to support, maybe giving some money, or support me in prayer, which is so very important, please e-mail me @ and let me know what you are thinking. Please don't feel pressured, that is not what I want anyone to feel. thank yo guys again for taking time to read this. God Bless you all!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Outreach in Mackay

Well in only a few short weeks I and a team of 6 DTS students will be going down south, about 4 hours drive, to a city called Mackay. We will be starting a youth program called Youthstreet, this program is aimed at 12-17 year olds and provides them a safe, fun, rich environment to just be them selves. This is such a big deal I can't even express it. This is a prototype of what we want to take To YWAM Internationally. There are loads of logistical things that go along with all this, but I won't bore you with them:) This outreach really gets me excited. The Lord really wants to use this time to show us as a team how to minister to an entire city, how to really change lives, and not just for the time we are there, but for the time when we may go back to see things have remained, the the fruit would last long after our presence in gone! Please pray for the team and me, as there are big things to overcome, and many challenges to be dealt with. Both fro external sources, as well as overcoming our own fears, and insecurities. Both will be be hard, but not impossible. God Bless you friends!

Monday, September 3, 2007

First blog!

Well friends, in an attempt to increase my communication to my friends and family, I have decided to start a blog. because I can then update it and keep everyone up-to date on what is going on in my life! Well I have just come back for Hidden Valley, from a 2 week camping trip. It was truly amazing. God spoke in some big ways to some of the students (I am staffing the July 2007 Discipleship Training School), it has been awesome! I think the Lord spoke to me more about spiritual disciplines, more than anything. What am I willing to give up for Him? Now that I am back I feel the Lord asking me to put those things he spoke to me about into practice. So this is where the rubber hits the road, talking about it will not change my life or get me any closer to the Lord.
There is also another bit of nice information that I would like to announce, I am an uncle! My sister, Janelle, had a baby on the 27th of August! Haley Rose, and being that I live in Australia, I can't hold her or see her until December, Lord willing! So I think that will be some of the bigger news.....for now! I will write some blogs that describe what I will be doing from the end of September through to November on the outreach phase of the DTS. God Bless my friends!