Saturday, September 29, 2007

1st week down!

Well my friends who are reading this, as I write this I am in an internet cafe/ice cream parlor. I love this place! Well We are finishing up our first week of outreach, we have been in Mackay, south of Townsville. We started on a bit of a rocky note as before we even left Townsville somethings fell out of our trailer and smashed into the windscreen of another ute, (pick-up for the north American's), and we sat on the side of the road and worked out insurance and all that lovely stuff, then we finally got on the road 3 hours later! But this week has been good, meeting with the people we will be working with for Youthstreet, and seeing the favor there all ready is for this program. We have bus drivers (of which I am now a part of, The manager of the PCYC pulled a few strings and got me a test at a police station!), wind surfers, hip-hop dancers, and people who are helping us with equipment, it is just amazing! God is really moving this things forward, I can see it every day! Other than that, things are going well. @ of the team spent most of the day on Friday hanging out with some of the guys from the PCYC, (It is like the YMCA), they went to a swimming hole, and to some skate parks, they had just an awesome time! I got my bus license at the same time!! I would love to keep going about what has happened, but I am running out of time for the internet cafe, and we have to hurry up and get to Brisbane. God Bless you all!

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