Monday, September 3, 2007

First blog!

Well friends, in an attempt to increase my communication to my friends and family, I have decided to start a blog. because I can then update it and keep everyone up-to date on what is going on in my life! Well I have just come back for Hidden Valley, from a 2 week camping trip. It was truly amazing. God spoke in some big ways to some of the students (I am staffing the July 2007 Discipleship Training School), it has been awesome! I think the Lord spoke to me more about spiritual disciplines, more than anything. What am I willing to give up for Him? Now that I am back I feel the Lord asking me to put those things he spoke to me about into practice. So this is where the rubber hits the road, talking about it will not change my life or get me any closer to the Lord.
There is also another bit of nice information that I would like to announce, I am an uncle! My sister, Janelle, had a baby on the 27th of August! Haley Rose, and being that I live in Australia, I can't hold her or see her until December, Lord willing! So I think that will be some of the bigger news.....for now! I will write some blogs that describe what I will be doing from the end of September through to November on the outreach phase of the DTS. God Bless my friends!


Jason said...

Oh Bobboe! You know that I of all people will be on here ya quack! When r u coming to Hawaii to do your SBS? lol.... hehe... I know I know.... I'm just saying... lol peace brutha!

Jason said...