Friday, June 20, 2008

Still In Texas? has been a while hasn't it? I am sorry, I am not as disciplined as I would like to be at keeping this updated, but I continue to try. So what has happened since the last post?
Man a lot has happened. We had the NLM, National Leaders Meeting, of which I played a part in working at. I was in charge of venue management, which entailed making sure there was enough chairs in all the meeting rooms, tables, the auditorium was set up, and all of that detail stuff. It went very well I must say, everyone who helped did an amazing job!
Right after that, and I mean right after, I left the morning after, to come to the US. I stayed in LA for a few days and spoke at Christian Community Center, and spend some good time with Pastors Ron and Stephanie and the family that I love so much there. Then I was wisked away to Houston Texas to visit my family! I was home for about 3 weeks. It was very nice to see the new home that was just built, and I will tell you it is beautiful! 2 story with a game room upstairs and a nice pool table. I also got to see my neice, Haley Rose, and boy is she cute! So gorgeous I started going to this church called Lone Star Cowboy church and met a few new people. Check out the website and you will see why I like this church. I met the youth pastor, Pastor Nick, and I ended up speaking at the youth group. Soon after I flew to San Francisco to visit my friends that live in the bay area.
It was here that things changed, my planes changed in a way I was not expecting in the least! I went to San Francisco with the expectation that I would get some money from a church. I had asked in faith for the money for a plane ticket and monthly support, but I heard nothing back. So I was in San Francisco with no money, couldn't get back to Houston, couldn't go anywhere. I began to pray and ask the Lord what was going on, and I saw the fact that I needed to go back to Houston and get a job and save money. Work with Lone Star Cowboy church, and take care of business. So that is what I am doing. I have applied to a job in Houston, and am looking at volunteering at lone star to work with the youth group. So things are going all right, but the pace needs to get picked-up to make things happen. So that is a basic up-date of things. I love all you guys all you supporters.

God Bless

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