Friday, March 7, 2008

This new season

This new season has many things in store for me. Many things which I have never done. One of the biggest is that I feel the Lord has out in front of me the goal of in 2009 moving out to Mackay, 4 hours south of where I currently live, to start Youthstreet there. This isn't set in stone, but I am moving forward with this. There is a lot of things than need to happen to see this come to pass; such as more support, a vehicle, a place to live, local support from within the city itself, etc. As well as working out with are the longer term goals and short term goals. A lot of things I have never thought about before. That is the more long term goal as of now.
This new season also has me learning about really obeying the voice of God. I have learned that I have a tendency to treat Gods word as optional, not as the word of the Lord. I believe that that has hurt me many times in the past, as well as hurt the heart of God. So, silly as it may seem, I am still learning the lesson of hearing and obeying God.
I would also like to take time to announce that I am planning to take a trip home in May for 4 weeks. So that will mean coming to Los Angles, the Bay Area, and Houston Texas to speak in churches, and meet new people and say hi to friendly faces that I haven't seen for a while.
You can pray that things work out well as it is a bit hard to find a god time to take off as there are so many things going on here at the base.

God Bless friends.

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