Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Coming to a close:(

Well, I am in McDonald's right now paying a fair bit of money for wireless internet, but such is the life of a 21st century missionary! I love it!!!! Well this is the last week of outreach, and needless to say I am getting a bit reflective. as I look back I see time where I could have done more, or done less, but I feel so happy with how things have gone! People lives have been changed, weather it was us telling them about who Jesus is and making him realty o them, or encouraging them in the current walk, or challenging them to more of God. We have seen an amazing response, there should be a few more people coming to impact summer this year, Impact summer is a summer program we run that is basically a mini dts for people who are not yet old enough to do a full DTS. I hope to get involved with it this year!

This outreach has shown me a lot about Gods character, and I have seen a lot more of my self than I planned to, or at time more then I want to see. But I thank the Lord for this outreach, things have been birthed, and I can't wait to see what will be born, in however long it takes to develop. I love you all, and hopefully I will be seeing you soon, if you live in LA, San Francisco, or the Woodlands!

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